January 25, 2022

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5 Tips for BMW Owners

Tip 1 of 5 tips for BMW owners

There are two types of tire pressure monitoring systems. FTM and TPMS
The FTM system and uses ABS to measure the rolling diameter of the tires.
whenever you add air to the tires you will have to rest the tire pressure monitor.
TPMS system, there are monitors in the tire itself. It’s more accurate, but makes it difficult to change the wheels. You have to transfer the monitor to the new tires or purchase a new set. It’s $200 to purchase a new set.

Tip 2 of 5 tips for BMW owners

Replace pads with ceramic brake pads. They have little dust and the stopping power is the same. The original pads that comes with the car causes a lot of dust. Also BMW uses brake pad sensors. There is one in the front driver wheel and one in the brake passenger wheel. Whenever you change the brake pads you will have to replace those sensors. They wear down with the brakes. They are $15 a piece for replacements.

Tip 3 of 5 tips for BMW owners

Gas – BMWs always use premium gas. The octane is printed inside the door. 91 octane is the minimum that you can use and your car may start knocking if you use this minimum quality gas. Always use 93 octane or the highest octane when available.

Oil – BMWs use full synthetic oil. It will save you 1,000’s of dollars over the lifetime of the car if you learn how to change your own. Dealerships will charge $120 to $150 for an oil change. You can do it yourself for $50. That is using good oil and filter. Always change your own oil.

Don’t go to the quick 15 minute oil change places, they will over charge you because of your European car and usually they do not have theĀ BMW oil filterin stock.

Tip 4 of 5 tips for BMW owners

DIY repairs and services
It’s cheaper to do it yourself than to run to the dealership. User forums and discussion groups to get how-to’s and get your questions answered.

Tip 5 of 5 tips for BMW owners

Find a good independent mechanic that can work on your car. Someone you can trust, and also someone who can detail your car. You will save money by not going to the dealership.