November 29, 2021

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Things you didn't know about the 1959 Ford Thunderbird

The 1959 Thunderbird is a car that everyone would love to own. Ford decided to create the Thunderbird as a family size car in 1958. This turned to be a good decision. The over all majority of the population approved of the decision. Here are a few more facts you didn’t know about the 1959 Thunderbird.

1959 Thunderbird production numbers

Ford produced 67,456 Thunder birds between October 3rd, 1958 and August 22nd, 1959. 57,195 were hardtop that sold for $3,696. 10,261 were convertibles that sold for $3,979. These prices are lower compared to the Dodge Rambler which sold for 4,575 and higher.

The 1959 Thunderbird was an inexpensive luxury car

The T-Bird was much smaller than any of the other luxury cars on the road, and offered features that were quite Things you didn't know about 1959 Thunderbirdsurprising for the day. The luxurious interior, with its individually adjustable front seats, panel console, and beautifully color keyed appointments, was a departure from the chrome laden interiors found in many other cars. And the Thunderbird was one of the lowest inexpensive cars on the road, with distinctive good looks that would age very well, especially when compared to most other 1959 models.

Trendy and practical 1959 Thunderbird

The advertising for the year targeted women, informing them that the Thunderbird was “America’s most becoming car,” and beautiful models graced virtually every advertisement. The T-Bird was just the thing to take to the club, or to run around town shopping with friends. This apparently worked, the T-Bird was prominent at most social functions of the day, and chances were good you’d see more than one in the parking lot of the trendy restaurants. The 1959 Thunderbird was looked upon as something just a bit more daring than the Cadillacs, Lincolns, and Imperials of the era, and it was also a wise investment, as resale on the cars at trade in was quite good.

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