January 25, 2022

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A trailer hitch is also called a tow hitch. There are about 9 trailer hitch parts. A trailer hitch (tow hitch) is a device attached to the chassis of a vehicle for towing.  Towing, or pulling a vehicle, boat or airplane.

Trailer hitch parts:

Parts Of A Trailer Hitch

Electrical Lights
Ball Mount

Locking Lever

Trailer ball
Hitch coupler
Safety Chains
Receiver hitch

Trailer Hitch Parts Explained:

The electrical lights are important for the driver and the trailer.  Most times it signifies there is an extra load connected to a vehicle and drivers respond accordingly. The electrical cable should plug from the trailer to the back of the towing vehicle.

The coupler comes from the trailer, it’s a tongue shaped piece that connect to the trailer ball. The trailer ball is usually attached to a ball mount, which is connected to the vehicle at the end of a hitch. Safety chains connect the coupler to the vehicle by connecting to the receiver hitch.  This is extra security in case the coupler and trailer ball separate.  The receiver hitch is the part built on the vehicle that you attach the ball mount to.  This trailer hitch part has holes for the chain to connect to.

Lastly there is a lock, this is to secure the coupler to the trailer ball. It slides over the ball and closes at the base of  Parts of a trailer hitch 2the ball to lock.  There is a locking level on this lock that can be pressed to release the trailer ball.  Also, there are holes in the locking level to insert a pad lock so that the coupler and the ball mount cannot be separated.

These common trailer hitch parts are used to connect a trailer to a vehicle. There are 9 main parts and they all work together to secure a car, boar or plane for towing.