January 25, 2022

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EV charging station

Having an electrician install an electric car charging station in your home has the potential to increase your home’s value while making it easier for you to keep your electric vehicle running. The popularity of electric vehicles is growing and many people prefer to charge their electric cars at home.

ev home charging

Installing a Charging Station Requires Special Equipment

There are two ways to charge your electric car at home. Either Level 1 or Level 2 electric vehicle supply equipment can be installed. Level 1 EVSE requires a 120-volt AC outlet. However, it must also have a dedicated branch circuit. Some electric vehicles may not be compatible with the Level 1 setup. All EV’s can be used with Level 2, which requires a 240-volt AC outlet. To accommodate Level 2 charging needs, special charging equipment must also be installed. A dedicated circuit of 20 to 100 amperes is required.

Hire an Electrician to Install the Necessary EV Equipment

An upgrade may be required depending on how the wiring is installed in your home. An electrician licensed to inspect your home can determine whether the wiring in your home is sufficient to charge your electric car using a Level 1 or 2 station. If necessary, an electrician to install an EV charging station needs to be hired so they can install dedicated circuits. While most charging stations are located in the garage, they are protected from the elements. Outdoor charging stations are also available.

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