November 29, 2021

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If you are like most automobile drivers, you love your car and you want to take the very best care for such a substantial investment. As part of any good car care program, you may need to schedule regular service appointments to maintain the health of your vehicle. But you are probably wondering how often should a car be serviced? Honestly if you want to prevent the need for a towing service, you need to follow the recommended maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual for your car. There are two ways in which you will be reminded as to when to get your car serviced.

When Should I Get My Car Serviced?

Determining when to get a car serviced is based on two separate types of systems. Often the type of system is based on the age, make and model of your car. Here are the two types car maintenance systems:

In-vehicle Maintenance Reminder Systems

If you drive a newer car, it probably has an in-vehicle maintenance reminder system that makes mileage-based schedules out-of-date. These reminder systems are good for various operating conditions and a warning light in the dash panel when it is time for an engine oil change will generally flash. This is the same for the:

  • Fluid level checks
  • Component inspections
  • Vehicle maintenance services

Mileage-Based Maintenance Service Intervals

If you maintain an older car, your service interval is based on the vehicles mileage. There are usually two different mileage-based schedules, one for cars driven under normal” operating conditions and another for cars driven under “severe” operating conditions, such as:

  • Primarily short trips of five miles or less
  • Extreme climates
  • Stop-and-go driving
  • Towing a trailer
  • Carrying heavy loads

Plan Ahead for Your Car to Be Serviced

****Remember: Plan ahead for vehicle maintenance items by finding a car repair shop and auto technician you can trust before you need them.

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