July 26, 2021

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Tear Drop Camper Vintage Version

The Tear Drop Camper

There are a variety of camper types out there. From Mid size to van size RV’s, pop up trailer, fifth wheel and travel trailers.  The tear drop camper is included in this variety. The tear drop camper is making a come back Of the Travel trailers, the tear drop camper is an older style that’s […]

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Most Secluded Luxurious Caribbean Islands For Couples

The Most Secluded Luxurious Caribbean Islands For Couples

After planning and having a wedding, the honeymoon should be a chance to relax and unwind.  This is the time to let the stress of the marriage commitments melt away.  It’s good to pick a place to spend time with your lifelong partner. Here are some of the most secluded luxurious Caribbean islands for couples. […]

Tesla Model S by Tesla Motors

Tesla Model S Clean Bling

The Tesla Model S, by Tesla Motors. You can order one today for at least $100,000 with all the cool options. Sunroof, 100 Kilowatt battery with 335 mile range. Dual all wheel drive, 155 mph top speed 0 to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds. More Features from Tesla Motors The Tesla Model S is a […]

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Amex Platinum Card

Benefits of Owning an American Express Platinum Card

The Sapphire Reserve and American Express Platinum Card have set the bar for these high-end cards. Even if the various rewards don’t all match up. “They are probably thinking, ‘We can at least copy the metal part,’”.   American Express has offered a metal credit card since 1999.  The card now feels prestigious.  It is made […]