January 25, 2022

Bikes, Cars and Money. Such is life.
Most expensive foods in the world 1

Andreas Roller, executive chef at Nick & Stef’s Steakhouse in downtown L.A. Servers a 28 day aged prime bone in ribmost expensive foods in the world eye steak for $72. It’s considered one of the most expensive foods in the world.   They dry age it on the premises. Dry aged is like a controlled spoiling of the meat. It’s used to tenderize it. The little fur on the meat is an indication that the dry age process is working correctly. They put a lot of salt on it, but it’s to cover the full 28 ounces and to make sure it’s well seasoned. They allow the outside to caramelize.  When cut the steak knife slices smoothly through the meat. The steak have a satisfying savory flavor and is perfectly tender. You have to chew it for a second and then it just dissolves into your mouth.

Steak that is one of the most expensive foods in the world

Steak from “Cut” in Beverly Hills is also considered most expensive foods in the world. Hilary is the chef de cuisine. She grilled a Japanese New York Strip for $25 an ounce. The Japanese beef is from Miyazaki Prefecture. The cattle have been bred for 1,000s of years. She has a certificate that tells all about the family of cattle. You can trace it back 80 years. Each cow has its name on the certificate.

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To prepare the steak,

Hilary seasons it with the house steak salt that contains quite a few ingredients. Then she grills it over white oak and charcoal. When the steak comes off, it rests and then she will flash it in their 1,200 degree griller. Afterwards, brush it will a small amount of garlic butter, fleur de sel (“flower of salt”in French) and then it is ready to serve.

Describe the taste of one of the most expensive foods in the world as…

Steven Lim, Andrew Ilnyckyj of “Worth it” a youtube channel, describe it as a “wonderfully tender steak”. With “Japanese beef from Miyazaki, my nose is having almost as much fun as my mouth is on this one.””my heart is racing now.” “That was the most fun I’ve ever had cutting something before”
They continue by saying, “Eating this steak is completely a new thing. There’s fat marbled into every single bite that you get.” It’s tastes like, “Pure Luxury” and “I’m embarrassed to be watched eating this because it’s like something so pleasurable shouldn’t be done in public”.
“Is it worth it? 1,000% yes”