January 25, 2022

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invicta objet d art watch

If you’re looking for a bad ass skeletonized Invicta watch, you’re best bet is the Invicta Objet D Art.

The other day, I was at the mall, Castleton Square Mall to be exact. I stopped by a store and I saw one of the flyest watches I could find. It was an Invicta Objet D Art, a skeletonized watch. So I jumped online and I found a website, Mimi’s On Main. Good site, with lots of great looking watches. I became intrigued with skeletonized watches after my visit to the mall.

What is a skeletonized watch?skeletonized watch

A skeletonized watch is what watches are all about. They truly express the art of watchmaking, by showing the inner workings of a mechanical watch. With a skeletonized watch you can see the essential elements of the mechanism and showcasing the inner-linking bridges, gears, and wheels performing a dance as beautiful as a waltz by Vivaldi.

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The Invicta Objet D Art.