January 25, 2022

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fire retardant spray for your vehicle

Petroleum based flame retardants are still found in products from which they have been barred, probably due to poor oversight of supply chains. Which is why in your vehicle and on your motorcycle seats, you want a different fire retardant spray. Possibly a spray that is water based in nature.

At Ballers, we’ve taken the stance that says that we need to stop using fuel-rich, petroleum-based materials in buildings when safer, inherently flame-retardant substitutes are available for these same use. Items are made at National Fire. https://natfire.com.

Health Experts Agree.

There are many health experts are that have not been calling for less legislation. Honestly, they want more government involvement. There have been actions like, now calling to limit these chemicals. Hopefully there would be some sort of including a cut back on highly flammable, petroleum-based materials used in many consumer products, items like car seats and blankets.

A part of a safe Ballers lifestyle dictates that it is a definite must to protect yourself and your badass motorcycle or your bad ass truck. And when you do, make sure you use a water based flame retardant. A lot of the times you can actually get an auto detail done and have your carpet hit a couple of times when you get that next auto detail in Indianapolis.