January 25, 2022

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Tear Drop Camper Vintage Version

There are a variety of camper types out there. From Mid size to van size RV’s, pop up trailer, fifth wheel and travel trailers.  The tear drop camper is included in this variety.

The tear drop camper is making a come back

Of the Travel trailers, the tear drop camper is an older style that’s making a come back. The tear drop camper was first created in the 1930’s. Teardrop trailers evolved in the 1930’s and became extremely popular in the 1940’s after World War II. The Depression was over and the war had given the economy a large boost. The citizens of the US wanted to go on vacation with their families.

The United States was developing the highway system and that made travel easier. The tear drop camper was light weight and could easily be pulled behind the family car which in the 1930’s and 1940’s had an engine under 100 horse power, or in some cases a motorcycle.

What are tear drop campers made of ?

Most of the original tear drop campers were constructed with materials obtained from World War II surplus markets. The chassis were made of steel U channel or from round steel tubing, and in some cases the wheels came from jeeps that were salvaged and found a new life on a teardrop trailer. The exterior skins were usually made from the aluminum wings of World War II bombers which gave the Teardrop trailers their shiny exteriors. Some Teardrop trailers are called Woodys due to the wood sides.

5 Styles of the tear drop camper

Luna starting at 16,000 and fully loaded you can have one from around $19,000. It’s case weight is between 1,400 Tear Drop Camper Lunaand 1,800 pounds. Large sedans and small SUV’s can pull this camper. It sleeps 2 comfortably.

The Hutte Hut camper. This tear drop camper starts at $63,000. First introduced in 2015, it’s a yacTear Drop Camper Hutte Hutht like look and Tear drop camper hutte hutfeel and has warm colors. Includes double doors, expansive windows, bowed trusses and a sun diffusing canopy for plenty of light. Baltic Birch wood floors and fixtures, and solid wood trusses make for an inviting space.

The Pika Camper starts at $11,750 and is 1/3 smaller than a standard tear drop camper. Perfect for one or two people and is just under 12 feet long. It’s the smallest of it’s line of trailer from Timberleaf, but you’ll still get 36 inches of head room and a skylight for a larger interior feel.Tear Drop Camper Pika

The Little Guy Max tear drop camper has a price tag of $33,000. It has 2 different sleeping areas and can sleep three people. The full size dinette converts into a bed. The bedroom also has a queen size mattress.

Tear Drop Camper Little Guy Max

The Vintage Overland tear drop camper created by Britton Purser, is priced from $12,500 to $16,500 for the largest. It’s appreciated for it’s art and design and for “romantic of vintage travel”. The interior is made from Baltic birch wood. The exterior features a welded steel frame. Other amenities include a queen memory foam mattress, bug screen, and pull-out writing desk.

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