January 25, 2022

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Gold Fidget Spinner

A company in Russia has sold a Gold Fidget Spinner for $17,000.  This could be just the gadget you have been waiting for.  A solid gold fidget spinner can definitely show financial status and satisfy your need for distraction.

Caviar Creates Gold Fidget Spinner

Caviar is a Russian company offering different kinds of expensive accessories such as its Credo line of religious Gold Fidget Spinner 2themed gold iPhones priced at $3,500 each.  Now they have been in the news with the most popular toy, the fidget spinner.  With a price tag of $17,000 this gold fidget spinner may qualify as their version of a toy.

Caviar has recently unveiled an entire collection of fidget spinners, ranging from gold plated and carbon fiber models priced at a mere 14,900 rubles ($250), to a solid gold fidget spinner, with a price tag of 999,999 rubles ($16,700). Between them is the 99,000 ($1,650) gold-plated spinner encrusted with dozens of small diamonds.

What Is A Fidget Spinner?

If you haven’t been looking in the news the last few months, the fidget spinner is a toy that contains a bearing at its center of a flat structure with three or more lobes made from metal or plastic.  It spins along an axis when you hold the center.  You hold it with one hand and spin with the other.  This is just to keep your hands busy and satisfy that fidgeting need.


Caviar gold fidget spinner was available in August 2017.